The first owner that we have a record of is Thomas Perfect in the year 1876. Henry Waddell succeeded him in ownership in 1886 and by C.E. Wood in 1898. Mr. Wood formed a partnership with John Q. Rhoads and Frank Kirkpatrick. C.E. Wood sold out to his two partners and in 1905 John Q. Rhoads became the sole proprietor of the Ohio Farmers Hillsboro Agency. In 1909 he sold out to Raymond Kirkpatrick, the agent in 1913, when Charles McNeil took over the reins. in 1919 Walter B. Hilliard bought the business and hired Miss Blangie Wilkin to be his secretary. Mr Hilliard and his son, Richard, were in business until Richard died in 1938.
After Richard's death Mr. Hilliard opted for early retirement and he gave Miss Blangie the first option to buy. She asked her brother, Henry N. Wilkin to join her in business, thereby the first Wilkin-Wilkin Agency was formed. John C. Wilkin joined with his father and his aunt in 1945. In 1945, Miss Blangie had a stroke and sold her share of the business to her nephew, John. John became the sole owner at the death of his father in 1963. His son, John Jr. joined the agency in 1973. John Sr. died in 1982 and his wife, Betty and his daughter, Mary Wilkin Hamilton joined the agency.

Wilkin-Wilkin Insurance Agency was appointed as in independent agent representing Westfield Insurance in 1939. Both companies are proud of this 80 year relationship and remain committed to providing their customers with the best service possible.

Wilkin - Wilkin Insurance Agency Inc.